Lost Keys, Hair, and Other Things That Matter

All of us have been asked by someone, “Do you know where my keys are? I can’t find them.” That panic that sets in  when we are running late and need to leave.  The loss of our keys prevents us from doing so.  At that moment the car keys are the most important.  We cannot do what we planned to do because we cannot find our keys.  In life there are so many things that can be lost.   Some seem less important than others.  Other things bring a blow that knocks us off our feet and changes our life.

Losses in life like a job, a relationship, finances, a loved one, or health.  These things can come crashing in on us making it hard to catch our breath.  In the first six months of 2015 I have been fighting to regain my “lost” health. What a fight and daily battle this has been.  I have watched others through more difficult things stay strong in God and persevere through the thing they have lost.  These followers of Christ have given me encouragement  and strength through their testimony.  The question is not if we will experience loss but how will we respond?  What will we do?  We have a God who stands with us and makes our feet secure to move on to the heights. (Hababbuk 3:19)  One version says to make spiritual progress upon my high places of trouble and suffering.

As we lean into God with our loss he gives us strength to overcome and move on.  When I was facing losing my hair in some ways it felt like losing my keys. After all it’s only hair, right?  Then there were other moments the thought would overwhelm and it felt like a death.  I ended up landing emotionally and mentally in-between the extremes .  Leaning into God with my loss and finding strength and comfort in His arms.

I wanted to share this video that we took describing my emotions before I lost all my hair and shaved my head.  May God speak to you clearly in your loss today and give you peace.