Waiting on God

I recently found this video on Marybeth’s phone.  She would occasionally record video devotions on her phone and talk about what God was speaking to her that day or thoughts from the week.  When I would ask her about posting them later, she typically would say, “yeah, I didn’t think it made sense so I deleted it!”  Haha.  Well, this was one that thankfully she didn’t delete (or post). To give some perspective, this video was recorded the day before she was admitted to the hospital for 8 days due to a severe case of pneumonia.  Even through those toughest days, her heart  was to worship God and depend on Him.

~ Matt Perkins

What Do You Remember?


Memory is such a precious gift that most of us take for granted on any given day.  Until we cannot remember where we put our keys.  This little lapse of memory is frustrating.  Possibly reminding us of our age.  In Psalm 63:6  David talks about remembering.  He declares, “When I remember You upon my  bed and meditate on You in the night watches.”

David is declaring that something happens when he remembers God.  David at this time is in the wilderness of Judah.  He is not in the luxury setting of a palace.  What is it that takes place when David remembers God when things aren’t great and night falls?  Our answer is found in verse 5 where  it is says, “My whole being shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness, and  my  mouth shall praise you with joyful lips.”

How on earth is this possible when life is way less than what we expected? How are we suppose to give God praise and remember Him in the middle of kids screaming, full laundry baskets, a kitchen sink full of dishes, job deadlines, marriage struggles, or  financial hardship.  Fill in the blank for your situation. In the middle of life’s struggles God’s plan is for us to be satisfied and for us to praise Him.  He sent Jesus just so we can have this abundant life.  When the “rubber meets the road” what really happens in the life we are living out daily.  In verse 1 and 2 we find our answer to being able to remember on our bed and praise in the night watches.  David declares God is his God and he  has earnestly sought after God.  David entered the sanctuary to see God’s power and glory.  When we seek after God with all our being and earnestly we will find Him.  We will see His power and glory revealed to us. We cannot truly remember what we haven’t experienced.  As we daily seek after God and experience His presence in the day to day when the the night comes, guess what? We will remember God and meditate on Him.  We won’t be able to help ourselves.

In the ordinary mundane  of today seek God earnestly until you find Him.  Talk to Him throughout the day. Thank Him for all of the blessings in your life.  In the dark night watches you will remember meeting with God and seeing his presence revealed to you.  This remembering will satisfy your entire being and you will praise Him!