Our youngest daughter, Alyssa, completed memory verses, activities, and workbook pages for a girls program through church.  When the girls complete the requirements there is a crowning service in which they are given a charge to continue to live a life devoted to God.  A tiara is placed on their head and a medal around there neck.  The girls wear a white dress similar to those worn for first communion.  We all went out for breakfast and then onto to have manis and pedis.  Alyssa had her hair done as well.  She looked absolutely beautiful.  My Mom, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins daughter  and Sister-in-law were here for the special occasion.

My Mom, Aunt and sister-in-law , and myself were all involved in the Missionette program, or as it is known now, Mpact Girls.  I completed the program as a student and went on to teach as well.  As I was placing the tiara on Alyssa head I had tears well up in my eyes.  Thinking about the Christian heritage in my family.  At that moment  three generations in my family that the Missionette program impacted were gathered to see Alyssa crowned.  What a legacy of God’s grace and faithfulness.

I see this time and again as I look at my two girls.  God is working and moving in their lives in ways beyond what I could imagine.   Generations of prayer and faithfulness to God are manifested in my daughters lives.   I am so thankful that the heritage of faithfulness to God is not just in my family, but my husband’s family as well.  On this Father’s Day I remember my Dad that passed away 13 years ago, as well as Matt’s Dad, Jim.  They both left a legacy of  lives devoted fully to God.  They loved their family and modeled what a real man is.  We are experiencing God’s goodness and blessing because of the life they modeled in front of us.

This journey of  life can take many different twists and turns.  I am thankful that I have a family that walks with God every step of the way.  I love looking back at God’s faithfulness and allowing the remembering to encourage me to keep moving on.  The Godly heritage doesn’t stop here.  As we continue to serve and honor God we will see more generations to come leaving a legacy of a life devoted fully to God.

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