He Leads Me

While I was on a walk recently I decided to walk around one of the ponds.  That day the water in the pond was still and glass like.  I was enjoying my walk, worshipping God,  and enjoying His wonderful creation.  I began to think of Psalm 23.  He leads me beside still or quiet waters… God by His Spirit began to speak deep into my heart and mind.  We are all familiar with this passage of scripture and sometimes familiarity can cause us to read quickly and not allow God to speak to us a new fresh word.

As I looked at the pond in it’s complete stillness God’s peace overwhelmed me.   At this time in my life I was in the middle of what felt like my life was out of control.  My personnel schedule was crazy, our family schedule was busy as well, and other demands on me  were weighing heavy.  I needed peace in my life. God led me to the pond that day physically, but he also led me spiritually.  He led me beside the quiet, still water of His presence.  His presence that brings life.   God desires to bring stillness and quiet into our lives even when it feels chaotic.   We simply need to rest in Him and follow Him to the quiet, still water.

When water is that still the reflection is incredible.  If water if flowing and moving there is no reflection. When we choose to surrender to God’s leading to the quiet water we will no longer see our life or our face.  We will see God’s face in the reflection of the water.  We become consumed with Him and no longer with the cares of our life, our dreams, our desires.  We are following His leading allowing Him to lead us beside quiet waters and our being will be consumed by everything He is.

Whether we are experiencing rest, busyness,struggle or normalcy of life everyday God is waiting to lead us beside quiet waters and help us see Him and only Him!  Let Him lead you today….

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