Lost Keys, Hair, and Other Things That Matter

All of us have been asked by someone, “Do you know where my keys are? I can’t find them.” That panic that sets in  when we are running late and need to leave.  The loss of our keys prevents us from doing so.  At that moment the car keys are the most important.  We cannot do what we planned to do because we cannot find our keys.  In life there are so many things that can be lost.   Some seem less important than others.  Other things bring a blow that knocks us off our feet and changes our life.

Losses in life like a job, a relationship, finances, a loved one, or health.  These things can come crashing in on us making it hard to catch our breath.  In the first six months of 2015 I have been fighting to regain my “lost” health. What a fight and daily battle this has been.  I have watched others through more difficult things stay strong in God and persevere through the thing they have lost.  These followers of Christ have given me encouragement  and strength through their testimony.  The question is not if we will experience loss but how will we respond?  What will we do?  We have a God who stands with us and makes our feet secure to move on to the heights. (Hababbuk 3:19)  One version says to make spiritual progress upon my high places of trouble and suffering.

As we lean into God with our loss he gives us strength to overcome and move on.  When I was facing losing my hair in some ways it felt like losing my keys. After all it’s only hair, right?  Then there were other moments the thought would overwhelm and it felt like a death.  I ended up landing emotionally and mentally in-between the extremes .  Leaning into God with my loss and finding strength and comfort in His arms.

I wanted to share this video that we took describing my emotions before I lost all my hair and shaved my head.  May God speak to you clearly in your loss today and give you peace.

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14 thoughts on “Lost Keys, Hair, and Other Things That Matter

  1. Dear Maribeth
    Nothing can change, erase or opaque the beauty you have in your heart. The love of God shine through your face and everyone that become in contact with you will see it.. You are a real trooper and a real soldier of God’s army..May everyone that hear your story will be touch and transform by your story..God bless you darling.. We love you and pray for you.. Yolanda, Bob and Rob

  2. You are such a beauty, inside and out. You are an inspiration to me (no cancer) and I am sure to so many others with cancer. Praying for you Marybeth.

  3. Thanks for sharing from your heart!
    Through this turbulent time in your life, you still manage to give glory to Him & encouragement to others! His love flows within you and fills the emptiness in others. Thank you, my sweet friend!

  4. You are a courageous woman of God, you and your family are such blessings. I’m so glad God sent you to us to know. Praying for your upcoming surgery.

  5. Hi Marybeth,

    I will be very honest with you, I don’t have cancer. And so I will not say, “I understand” or “I know what you’re going through.” Because I don’t!

    What I CAN do, and WILL do is love you long distance from Orlando Florida… lift you up in my daily prayers…and quote Scripture in your name…as I glorify the Lord!

    Like you said, “you are still Marybeth…hair or no hair…amazing Marybeth…and that is proof of God’s love for you…and that will never change!

    Continue walking with the King, and be a blessing!

    I love you, my friend…my sister in Christ!


  6. Hi Marybeth,
    When I first started goin to Faith, you were one of the first people that I noticed and that stood out to me. During praise and worship, alot of times, I would sing and clap , and watch you. I always admired the love that I seen on your face. The way that you danced like nobody else was watching and the way you sang like nobody else was listening. That is what makes you the beautiful person that you are. It was the kind of love that if the whole world had, we would a much better place. That love and admiration was coming from your heart, not your personal appearance.
    May God continue to bless you and your family as yall walk through this valley.

  7. Marybeth,
    I go to Faith Assembly of God Orlando and though we didn’t have an opportunity to develop a friendship, we’ve seen one another and when you and your family moved, our family in Christ was happy and sad to see you all move.
    When I heard of your health I was deeply moved to begin praying to Our Heavenly Father for your total healing and will continue praying for you and your family.
    I want you to know that I believe you are a strong woman of God and I think you’re rocking this new hairstyle like a beautiful warrior/Daughter of the King!
    You’re way more brave than I was at 19 years old. I didn’t have cancer, but dealt and I’m still believing for God’s total restoration in my life from Lupus SLE and A.P.S. (blood clotting disorder). I had to undergo Chemo Therapy and it was a low dose, but I had all the side effects and I recall when my hair began to fallout in the shower for the first time…..it was in big chunks, I sat in the tub for an hour hysterically crying. I wasn’t walking with the Lord, but knew of Him, but oh how I wish I had known Him, like I do today when I went through it all.
    I also wish I had then the courage to shave off my hair and not try to hide it and feel embarrassed like I was.
    I’m so proud of you, I admire you, and feel moved by your transparency, these blogs and videos you’re making will encourage others and God will use it to reach the unsaved and those that don’t believe and are going throug similar situations.
    During times like this some people get angry at God….I confess I was (but like I said I didn’t know Him). We need Him at all times and when that relationship with Him is already established and you get hit hard, you feel it, but God’s got your back and the load is a little less, because you walk and know the Healer Himself and He’s within you and you in Him!
    My prayer is that Father restore you back to complete perfect health, that He use you and your family through this experience you’re going through to reach and win many souls for His glory, honor and Kingdom in Jesus’ Mighty Name! Amen
    We love you!! God bless you!

  8. My beautiful Marybeth:

    How wonderful is our Father who knows what your going thru! This words and video are full of emotions and show the reality of a life in the midst of a desert…
    You know my testimony , my friend. I can relate on every word, every tear…
    let me share with you one of my favorite quotes:

    “My trust in God flows out of the experience of his loving me, day in and day out, whether the day is stormy or fair, whether I’m sick or in good health, whether I’m in a state of grace or disgrace. He comes to me where I live and loves me as I am.”
    Brennan Manning

    Love you always, sister

  9. Hi Marybeth, I know it’s really hard, but At the same time as I see your Faith it gives me a smile, because that Faith is what’s God is using to Healed you Completely, I Stan in God’s Promise for your Healing with you and Family.
    I always remember you from day one I began coming to Faith, and Let me tell you my Favorite part is the Story of Jesús Christ, When you took place on the Altar, Oh Yes , I can say I always felt the Presence of the Lord Jesús Christ through you, I Love you and With Hair or not You are Beautiful in and out.
    you are a Strong Woman in the Lord. MAY God Continue given you Strength and Peace through you’re Valley. Joshua 1 : 9!

  10. Blessings Marybeth,

    You’ve been on my mind recently and found out that things haven’t gone as planned. I’ve been contemplating the words to use or say but there aren’t any that I could come up with or be inspired to tell you. The only thing I can say is I know first hand how your daughters are feeling since my mom is fighting a rare form of liver cancer and I’ve seen her struggles and days of pain. I’ve been the one to wash her body when she couldn’t and her shoulder to cry on when she can no longer bear the process. Your strength, courage and most of all love for God will forever mark your daughters hearts. You being ok with whatever result God has planned for your life will be the most critical part to your daughters heart and lives. I’ve gone through the moments of frustration, doubt and uncertainty but one thing remains…..Gods love never fails, He never gives up on us.

    This process is so difficult but I know for sure God is holding you and your family in the palm of His hand. You are His beautiful child. What might seem unfair to us, will all be used for His glory! We tend to plan life without thinking about it and then God changes those plans not because we were out of His path but because He wants us to learn how to solely depend on him, no matter what the outcome.

    I pray for you, Pastor Matt and your girls. That God gives you the strength, faith, wisdom, patience, courage and understanding to continue this process. We love you dearly!

    Vickie and Carlos Garcia

  11. Love You Mary Beth! It was such an honor to Know You! You were such a phenomenal woman of Grace, You took care of your family and your girls and was just such a Great Hearted Soul! This was so sudden and My heart is broken by it.

    I pray for your family and your girls always.


  12. Read this as I sit with my fist Chemo drip for breast cancer on February 6,2017. Thank you Matt for sending this link to my husband for me to look at. Your families journey is now my families journey. We appreciate your prayers & encourgment. Trying to “Be Still”. 🙏🏼