Remember When

I think back to the Chris Farley days on SNL. Chris would do a sketch and ask remember when and repeat it and ask if several different insignificant moments were remembered. If we are honest at all, we would admit we forget the things we would like to remember and remember  things we would like to forget. We tend to dwell on and camp out in memories of what we consider “great” times. Sometimes we live there and never move on with our life. In Joshua chapter four there is story that gives us God’s plan for remembrance. The Israelites crossed the Jordan and when they had all crossed over safely they took stones from the river and built a monument.  This monument was a testimony to God’s guidance, provision, and love.

In our lives we experience seasons, just like in nature. Our life and world are ever changing and it can be challenging to manage these changes.  One thing that remains unchanged is God.  As we  live through theses seasons we have moments of great joy and sorrow.  As we watch our kids, parents, friends, and  family grow older it brings a mixture of emotions.  God created us to be able to remember and be able to recollect moments of life.  This ability is a wonderful gift from God.  we can look back in our life and remember how God healed, provided, protected, encouraged, and spoke to us.  Like with anything else it can also be a hindrance to us.  We can dwell on the negative instead of the positive. We can constantly wish that we were still in that time in our life and miss what God is doing in the present.

God’s plan is that we remember and give Him praise for what He has done.  Then we continue to follow Him today.  Don’t be so caught up in what God did then that you miss what God is doing today.  Thank Him, build a monument of thanksgiving and praise, and then move on.  Don’t allow the monument to keep you where you are. The Israelites didn’t stay on the bank of the river when they crossed over.  They moved on and possessed the land.

Determine today to praise God for what He has done and then move on to posses the land He has given you today!

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