Stand In The River

In Joshua 3 the Israelites were camping at theJordan River before they crossed over. They were three days and the officers gave instructions to the people.  They told the people when they saw the Levitical Priests carrying the ark of the covenant move from your positions and follow it.  You will know where to go.  Joshua told the Israelites to consecrate themselves for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things.  Joshua told the priests when you reach the edge of the river go and stand in the river.   God gave clear instructions to His people where to go and what to do.

God is speaking every day.  Anyone who will open their ears to hear con hear what He is saying.  We have to choose to hear.  We cannot be consumed with life and hear God.  We have to allow Him to consume us.  So many things in life take our energy, emotion, time and thought.  Choose today to allow God to take all of your effort and striving.  Strive and spend your energy on Him.  Then you can stand and watch Him go amazing things in your life, family, church, city  and work place.  We have to consecrate ourselves and be ready to move from our position and follow God when He moves.

God is wanting to use us to change this world for His glory.  He wants us to stand in the river and hold back the waters.  The priests stood in the Jordan River and God used them to hold back the waters so the Israelites could cross over.  Are you ready for God to use you to hold back the waters so those around you can cross over to their destiny in God?

He cannot use us when we are caught up in ourselves, our needs, our responsibilities, or our accomplishments.   May we decide today to simply be caught up in God and what He is doing.  Lord we pray that you would use us to hold back the water so others can cross over.

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