Trust Fall

Every day we encounter hundreds of opportunities to trust.  We trust when we sit down that the chair will hold us.  We trust that when we turn the faucet on that clean water will come out.  These are the “little” things in life that we trust to happen.  We trust that our spouse, friend, boss, co-worker are trustworthy and honest with us. We know that as we live life we will encounter days when trust is broken.  God is the one that we can always trust.  He is always faithful no matter what.  His Word is true and sure.  Isaiah 30:15 says “in returning and resting in Me you shall be saved; in quietness and in trusting confidence shall be your strength.”

Everyday God is calling us to Him.  We need to make the choice to go to God and rest.  When we do that he saves us from the worry, anxiety, and fear we may face during the day.  We need to lean into Him and allow His peace to cover our heart and mind.  This is not something that just happens.  We have to make a conscious decision to rest in God.  Constantly throughout the day turning our mind to God and His thoughts.  His grace will cover our heart and mind as we focus on Him.

When we encounter the situations during the day that bring frustration, anxiety, or fear we need to lean into God in full trust.  Like a “trust fall”.  My daughter has a friend that will walk by his friends and say “trust fall”.  Then he falls fully expecting them to catch him.  He does this to me as well and I am never prepared to catch him.  We do not have to be concerned about God being ready or prepared when we trust fall.  He is always ready to catch us.

Know today the you can trust God to catch you.  Lean into Him today. Trust fall into His arms of grace.  I promise He will catch you and will strengthen you in the fall.

Go ahead, TRUST FALL!


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