What I Know For Sure

There are not many things in life that are “a sure thing”.  There are people in our life that we can trust and have proven to be reliable.  So you may say, well, my spouse, or this friend is a sure thing.  I am not here to say they are not trustworthy, or that you cannot count on them. In life there is only one that is always forever true and sure.  Hebrews 6:13-20 tells us of God’s promise to Abraham.  When people make promises they will say, “I swear to God”.  In verse 13 it tells us that God swore by himself since there was no one higher than Him.  God promised Abraham that He would for sure bless Abraham and that Abraham would have may descendants.

We are reading this with an advantage.  We already know the outcome and that God did in fact keep His promise.  Abraham on the other hand was an old man along with his wife Sara.  Abraham had no human reason to believe that what God said would happen.  He had the promise of God!  It is impossible fr God to lie. God made an oath to Abraham that He would do what He said.  Throughout Abraham and Sara’s life there were times of doubt.  Out of this doubt they took situations and made decisions out of fear instead of trust in God.  God’s promise was ALWAYS sure.

I began thinking of the things I know for sure as a daughter of The King.  I know:

God loves me

God will never leave me

God is faithful

God keeps His promises

God forgives me

God’s grace covers me

God’s mercy is new every morning

We can trust in the unchanging faithfulness of God’s promises.   We are anchored to God through what Jesus did on the cross.  Jesus is our hope and our hope is our anchor.  We make promises everyday.  Likewise, promises are made to us.  some are kept and some are broken.  In this world of broken promises there is one where certainty of promises are sure.  The one is God.  We can count on Him at all times and in all ways.  We have to determine to wait patiently to receive the promise, because God will come through on His promise.  That is what I know for sure!

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